My passion is finding and creating unique quality products. Brooklyn leathers was a nature progression for me. Sourcing the highest quality leather products and hand tailoring them has become more then a hobby. - Ryan

I've always loved using raw materials to make something unique and beautiful. Whether it's upcycling or making something from scratch, the thrill of that final product always keeps me motivated. - Jules

Interested in Custom Designs? Have questions before you order. Reach out to us so we can make you exactly what your looking for! We specialize in custom designed mens leather messenger bags. However, we can work with you to design the perfect item. From single bags to large group an dbulk discounts we can get you what you need. With fast turn around times and quick communication we can make your dream leather product a reality.

Our standard designs are made to fit all your items with ease. Our leather messenger bags fit laptops of all sizes from big to small. Most bags are designed to fit Macbook Pros and Macbook airs. For specifics contact us prior to ordering.

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